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We Are DNA.

Revolutionary Natural Testosterone
Supplement Range for Men and Women.

The more taboo, the more we talk about it.

We are DNA. A natural hormonal health company here to tackle taboos about testosterone deficiency, open up conversations about Andropause and low testosterone to help you start living the life you deserve.

Our Vision

To be the world's leading natural testosterone brand. Empowering millions of people around the world to live their best lives and free to enjoy the feelings of happiness and vitality that hormonal harmony brings.

Our Mission

By championing natural testosterone health, we enable people to live their best life - through our pioneering natural T-health products, education platform and passionate community of hormonal health advocates and experts.

Our Purpose

To bring better standards to the natural testosterone supplement industry and offer modern solutions for common hormonal health issues. Our Academy seeks to break down the taboos of talking about testosterone health issues - offering education and support to the community.

Meet the Founders

DNA are a husband and wife team who, after their personal experience with both Andropause and Menopause, set out to offer a natural alternative to pharmaceutical hormonal solutions.

Bertie is a qualified clinical nutritionist, formulator, published author and the ex head of global communcations at MTV.

Sheldon has over 2 decades of experience as a physical performance specialist and MMA Conditioning Coach.  With a degree in sports nutrition and his passion for hormonology, Sheldon is our in-house testosterone specialist.

Both Bertie and Sheldon have both had their own challenges with hormonal health and were both offered HRT & TRT but wanted a natural alternative and when it became apparent there wasn’t any, they set off to develop the world’s first range of natural testosterone supplements for both men and women.

Co-Founders Bertie and Sheldon Stringer.

Our Journey

Pioneering Testosterone Supplements

2017 DNA is Born

After being diagnosed with Low Testosterone, our Co-Founder, Sheldon Stringer did not want to take TRT as recommended by his GP as he didn’t want to take synthetic hormones. When he looked for natural alternatives to TRT, it soon became apparent that apart from the Testosterone Boosters sold in gyms, there was no natural solution to help with his Andropause symptoms and so Sheldon and his wife, Bertie Stringer set out to develop the world’s first natural Andropause Testosterone Supplement.

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Full Range Of DNA Men's Testosterone Supplements
A Revolutionary Range

A World First 2019

The world’s first natural Andropause supplement, Silverback is launched by DNA in addition to White Wolf and Grey Fox for a full range.

The importance of Testosterone

Fair Lady-T 2022

DNA launch their pioneering female testosterone product MenoPlay and partner up with GenM.

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The Academy

We're only just getting started

2024 Sees DNA secure a listing with UK leading retailer, Boots and launches their education platform, The Academy.

The DNA Team

Sheldon Stringer

Sheldon Stringer

Chief Marketing Officer
Low Testosterone can make you feel like you're missing a big part of who you are. We want to help men feel like themselves again"
Co-Founder Bertie Stringer with pouch of Menoplay testosterone Supplement libido Support.

Bertie Stringer

Chief Executive Officer
We made the products we needed when we needed it most. We have walked a day in our clients shoes. We are our own clients.
Dr Bernard Willis, DNA's Medical Board Director.

Dr Bernie Willis

Medical Board Director
"I was so impressed with DNA products that I wanted to get involved and so I did."
Silverback has helped me. I didn't believe that a supplement could boost testosterone levels but my wife bought me Silverback and I was very wrong. I have more energy, don't get annoyed anymore by the little things and my relationship with my wife is back on track.
Grant Pearce Profile Picture
Grant P
London, UK
DNA sorted out a discount for me when I didn’t add the code properly. There was no fuss from them for my mistake. Excellent service and am very happy with the benefits of Grey Fox!
Robert S
Robert S
Hertford, UK

In The Press

Robbie Williams Andropause
Shaun Ryder
Time Magazine
NHS Menopause
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