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Vitamin D 12.5µg

Vitamin C 80mg


Thiamine (B1) 1.1mg

Riboflavin (B2) 1.4mg

Niacin (B3) 16mg NE

Pyridoxine (B6) 1.4mg

Folate (B9) 200µg

Cobalamin (B12) 2.5µg

Biotin (B7) 50µg

Pantothenic Acid (B5) 6mg

Magnesium 150mg

Zinc 14mg

Copper 1mg

Selenium 55µg

Taurine 2000mg

Maca Root 1000mg

Ashwagandha 150mg

Saffron Flower Extract 15mg

Piperine 2mg


Vitamin D 12.5µg

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient and steroid hormone, which regulates more than 1,000 bodily functions.

The benefits of Vitamin D on testosterone production are
well evidenced.

Studies have shown that men with sufficient vitamin D levels have
significantly higher testosterone than those with low levels.

Studies have also shown that supplementing with Vitamin D can increase free and total testosterone up to 25%.

Vitamin D has been clinically proven to:

  • contributes to the normal function of the immune system.
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.
  • helps maintain normal muscle function.

Bone loss, low testosterone, compromised immunity and reduction of sperm quality are
just a few results of vitamin D deficiency.

It's estimated that around 80% of the UK population have sub optimal levels of Vitamin D.



Vitamin C 80mg

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), a powerful antioxidant and water-soluble vitamin.

This means that it dissolves in water and is delivered to the body’s tissues but is not well stored, so it must be taken daily through food or supplements It helps the body’s detoxification pathway.

It enhances liver function by promoting the production of detoxifying enzymes.

These enzymes assist in breaking down toxins and facilitating their elimination from the body including removing excess oestrogen.

It also plays a proven role in:

  • Our endocrine health which controls hormone production, requires vital levels of this nutrient.
  • Managing cortisol levels – Vitamin C is rapidly depleted during stress.
  • Elevated cortisol levels inhibit testosterone production – thereby keeping levels optimal reduce this risk.
  • Helps optimal functioning of the nervous and immune systems.
  • Function of the immune system
  • Protects DNA, proteins, and lipids from oxidative damage – vital in pro aging.

B-Complex 100% Daily Reference Intake of all B-Vitamins

Our formulas are the only men’s hormonal health supplements that include all the B Vitamins.

The B-complex vitamins have dramatic mood-elevating effects — more so than almost any other nutrient.

The family helps the body and mind stay healthy, sharp, energetic, balanced, and they play a crucial role in the detoxification process.

The master controller of hormones - the endocrine system - needs the B
vitamins to assist in the production and metabolism of hormones and neurotransmitters.

These water-soluble nutrients cannot be stored by the body – needing daily intake.

Each plays an essential role and are co-factors for many other nutrients. Deficiency in one can impact the way the other’s work, which is why there are major benefits from including them together.


Thiamine (B1) 1.1mg

Thiamine plays a vital role in metabolism, helping the body break down and release energy from food. Thiamine also helps to metabolise glucose.

It’s also important in maintaining the health of the nervous system.

When you're deficient in vitamin B1, you might experience symptoms such as fatigue, muscle cramps, various pains, and a reduced tolerance to pain. Carbohydrate addiction can be a sign of being thiamine deficient.


Riboflavin (B2 ) 1.4mg

Every single cell within your body requires vitamin Riboflavin and other B vitamins cannot perform their roles unless an ample amount of B2 is in the body.

Riboflavin is one of the essential nutrients needed in testosterone production.

One of the most crucial roles is its ability to inhibit testosterone 5 alpha-reductase.

This enzyme:

  • Converts testosterone into DHT in the testicles and prostate.
  • DHT is crucial for some functions in the male body.
    But needs regulation.
  • Too much of it can lead to hair loss and other unwelcome health issues.

Niacin (B3) 16mg NE

B3 is a natural human growth hormone booster that can lead to anabolic changes in building lean muscle mass and strength.
It helps regulate cholesterol levels, both good and bad, which indirectly improves testosterone levels.

Research has found that supplementation daily can:

  • boost testosterone levels.
  • reduce erectile dysfunction.
  • lower lipid and cholesterol levels.

Leydig cells, cells in the testicles, take cholesterol and convert it to testosterone, making vitamin B3 a must have ingredient in our formulas.


Pyridoxine (B6) 1.4mg

B6 is clinically evidenced to regulates sex hormones. We can’t produce it ourselves, so it is essential we get this from other sources. The older we get the more B6 we require, making deficiency more likely.

It directly influences testosterone production by increased demand for androgens. When the body lacks B6, the brain increases oestrogen levels. This vitamin acts as a counterbalance for hormone regulation.

B6 also:

  • Plays a major role in processing the protein, carbs, and fats you eat.
  • It is involved in the autonomic processes of your nervous and immune systems.
  • Helps with memory, cognitive functions, and energy levels,

Folate (B9) 200µg

Vitamin B9 is more commonly known by its synthetic supplemental form 'folic acid'.
It is crucial for proper brain function and plays an important role in mental and emotional health.

Folate is involved in:

  • The synthesis of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline.
  • These neurotransmitters play a role in mood regulation and overall mental well-being.
  • Works with vitamins B6 and B12 and other nutrients to control blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine.

It is common to have low levels of folic acid.

Chronically low folate levels can lead to mood disturbances, which may indirectly contribute to feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Alcoholism, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and celiac disease can cause folic acid deficiency. Also, certain medications may lower levels of folic acid in the body.


Cobalamin (B12) 2.5µg

Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin B12 is a vital member of the B vitamin family, playing a pivotal role in various bodily functions, notably the formation of red blood cells. When there's a chronic shortage of vitamin B12 it can diminish the blood's ability to carry oxygen, leading to feelings of weariness and fatigue.


Biotin (B7) 50µg

Biotin, plays a crucial role in our body and directly impacts our hormones:

It aids in proper endocrine function. A deficiency of biotin can lead to dysfunction in both the adrenal glands and the thyroid,It’s also required for healthy hair, skin and nails.


Pantothenic Acid (B5) 6mg

Pantothenic acid provides foundational support for both Phase I and Phase II detoxification. Vital for elimination of excess oestrogen and environmental toxins.

It is essential for testosterone production as the testes require B5 vitamin to help convert cholesterol to testosterone.

In addition:

  • It plays an important role in the production of adrenal hormones.
  • All the steroid hormones will be produced only with ample B5 in the system.
  • It is involved in the production of neurotransmitters.
  • Pantothenic acid is a stamina enhancer and prevents certain types of anaemia.

Deficiency can cause fatigue, headaches, nausea and tingling in the hands.


Magnesium 150mg

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals needed for life - involved in over 300 enzymatic processes in the body.

It has essential benefits on men’s hormonal health:

  • It assists with managing SHBG molecules which bind the majority of testosterone in your body and make it inactive.
  • It’s essential for the metabolism of nitric oxide, which is involved in the erection process.
  • It boosts sleep quality which is vital for testosterone health as testosterone is replenished overnight – requiring good quantity and quality sleep.
  • It promotes recovery from intense workouts, improves muscle health and lean body mass.

    Additional, clinically proven benefits include:

  • Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance.
  • Magnesium contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system.

    Studies have shown that 50% of the population do not meet their daily requirement.

Zinc 14mg

Important mineral that is crucial for male hormonal health.

It plays a key role in supporting the endocrine system and plays
a major role in testosterone production. 

Optimal zinc levels prompt Luteinizing hormone, which stimulates production of
testosterone in men.

Low levels are intrinsically linked to low testosterone levels and poor fertility.

Zinc has been clinically proven to:

  • Support normal testosterone levels.
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • Supports skin, hair and nails health.

Zinc deficiency affects over two billion people worldwide and ranks as the 11th major risk
around the globe in malnutrition.



Copper 1mg

Copper is an essential mineral that the body can’t do without.

It supports a myriad of health benefits and body functions, from the immune system to the brain.

The body balances Copper and Zinc carefully. While you need more zinc than copper, long-term supplementation generally requires both in a healthy ratio which is why its included in our White Wolf formula.

In addition, it offers numerous benefits including:

  • Support’s hair growth.
  • Make red blood cells.
  • Keep nerve cells healthy.
  • Supports immune system.
  • Form collagens, a protein that helps make up your bones and tissues.
  • Protect cells from damage.
  • Absorb irons into your body, helping prevent anaemia.
  • Helps turn sugar into energy.



Selenium 55µg

Is an essential Mineral that is heralded for its antioxidant capabilities and is well evidenced in its role in men's fertility health.

A deficiency in selenium has been linked to low sperm count and reduced motility.

Selenium has also been shown to protect the DNA in sperm from
oxidative damage.

It also contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails and the function of the immune system.

DNA have included Piperine as this has been shown to increase the
absorption of selenium as well as other key compounds.


Taurine 2000mg

Taurine is an animo acid which has diverse physiological functions.

It is renowned as a cell-protecting agent and investigated for its interactions with testosterone due to being the most prominent free amino acid localised in the testicles.

Studies have shown that supplementation can positively influence testosterone production.

Another of the renowned benefits of taurine supplementation is its role in increasing muscle strength which we know is important to White Wolves.

Although taurine is an amino acid, it behaves more like a neurotransmitter by calming the nervous system.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increases testosterone
  • Workout recovery
  • Athletic performance
  • Antioxidant support
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Sperm protection
  • Maintains hydration and electrolyte balance in cells.
  • Forms bile salts, which play an important role in digestion.
  • Regulates minerals such as calcium within your cells.
  • Supports the general function of your central nervous system.

Maca Root 1000mg

For the Wolves that are baby making, it's also known to support healthy sperm formation, production and mobility.

Maca is derived from a Peruvian plant that has been used for centuries for nutritional purposes due its incredible health properties.

Due to its reported effects

  • Enhancing fertility
  • Boosting energy
  • Improving sexual virility
  • Optimising focus, and memory.

The demand for Maca Root has skyrocketed in the last decade.

These benefits are also what
makes it the perfect ingredient for White Wolves.

In addition, it has been shown to boosting testosterone, by regulating
stress hormones including cortisol which can dampen testosterone production.

Acting as an aphrodisiac – it can also increase libido.


Ashwagandha 150mg

Scientifically known as Withania somnifera, Ashwagandha is a popular herb with many benefits and is particularly renowned for reducing stress and is classified as an adaptogen.

It helps maintain stamina, feelings or energy and vitality and promote physical
& mental wellbeing.

In terms of testosterone and hormonal balance, Ashwagandha has shown promise in supporting testosterone levels.

Studies have shown that supplementing over 16 weeks can help men with:

  • Increased Testosterone Production
  • Increased DHEA(Master Hormone) production
  • Increase the production of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) which triggers the production of testosterone

Reducing cortisol (stress hormone) also helps promote hormonal balance. It also has powerful relaxation properties and can help as a sleep aid.


Saffron Flower Extract 15mg

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.

It’s a powerful antioxidant, gaining significant attention for its cancer preventive properties – particularly in prostate health.

It has been shown to inhibit tumour formation and prevent DNA mutations that can activate cancer genes in some studies.

An analysis of six studies showed that taking saffron significantly improved erectile function, libido, and overall satisfaction in men, making it a must have ingredient in all our formulas.

In addition, saffron

  • Provides protection for heart and blood vessel tissue.
  • Supports cognitive and mood disorders associated with aging.
  • Has multiple beneficial effects at a cellular level - making it a true “whole-body” supplement validating its centuries of use.

Piperine 2mg

Piperine is a beneficial plant compound found in black pepper that has numerous health benefits.

  • Enhancing nutrient absorption
  • Stabilisng blood sugar levels
  • Combating cancer cell growth
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Boosting brain function
  • Protecting against inflammation
  • Improving cognitive function, mood, allergies, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure

1 in 5 Men under 30 now have Low-T

The importance of maintaining healthy T-Levels has never been more vital.

Low testosterone is impacting White Wolves

It used to be that low testosterone only impacted much older men..

However lifestyle and environmental factors have seen testosterone and sperm health drop significantly and this rate is accelerating. Creating new issues for young men and future generations.

Several studies have shown there’s been a population level drop in each generation's testosterone levels, at least since the 70s.⁠

⁠Leading to Gen Zers and millennials having significantly lower testosterone levels compared to their grandparents.* (Medichecks).

1 in 5 young men now have low testosterone and 1 in 10 has fertility challenges.

Daily exposure to:

  • toxins
  • nutrient gaps & deficiencies
  • poor diets
  • prescription & recreational drugs
  • lack of sleep

Are all are negatively impacting men’s hormone production and this is impacting health to a degree we’ve never seen before

We now know that healthy ageing and disease prevention starts in your 20's.

This is why White Wolf was designed uniquely to protect the hormonal health of young men.

Symptoms of imbalance & deficiency

Following its natural peak production around 19, testosterone health used to remain stable until mid life.

Yet many young men have low testosterone or optimised production.

Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Loss of morning erections

Testosterone is reproduced nightly - morning wood is a good sign levels are healthy and being replenished.

  • Fatigue and low energy

Testosterone is known as the elixir of youth. It’s what gives men the get up and go.

If this has gone or is regularly missing, chances are your levels may be lowering.

  • Fertility issues

Testosterone is required for sperm production.

Both of these are declining. Whilst low testosterone doesn’t directly cause infertility, loss of erections and low libido’s in turn can contribute to fertility challenges.

In addition, steroids and testosterone replacement therapy do directly impact sperm health.

Other common symptoms include:

  • Hair Loss
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Changes in mood or mood swings
  • Reduction in testicle size

Root Cause of Symptoms

  • Obesity and sedentary lifestyles

Being overweight can push the body’s hormone axis out of balance and affect how the body responds to insulin (both of which can lower testosterone levels & elevate oestrogen)⁠

  • External toxins and Xenoestrogens

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) - have been associated with lower semen quality and testosterone levels⁠.

There are 40,000 40,000 chemicals used in consumer products according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Less than 1% have been rigorously tested for human safety.

  • ⁠Nutrient Deficiencies.

Our grandparents diets would be considered organic compared to today.

Poor soil, genetically modified food and western diets have led to nutrient deficiencies being common place.

Simply put - men do not have the raw materials needed anymore for the body to make its own hormones effectively or counter act the damage done by poor lifestyles.

Higher stress levels and mental health problems - both physical and psychological long-term stress are likely to lead to reduced testosterone levels⁠

  • Lack of sleep

Testosterone is produced daily - overnight between 10pm and 7am. Lack of sleep and broken sleep are impacting testosterone health - loss of morning erections is the first sign levels are low.

How White Wolf supports Men 25+

It’s testosterone that fuels that feel good, work hard all day, play hard all night feelings you have in your teens and 20's. We only tend to notice this when its gone and the symptoms of lower levels kick in.

As so many young men are experiencing low testosterone and decreasing fertility, we created White Wolf specifically to help keep levels youthful for as long as possible.

Each of the 20 ingredients in White Wolf have been picked for their known benefits in men’s hormonal health, longevity and wellbeing. It supports men in the following ways:

Upregulates Natural Testosterone Production - B6, Zinc, Vitamin D & Ashwagandha.

Boosts Energy - Magnesium,

Contributes to Normal Sperm Production & Male Fertility - Selenium, Saffron, Zinc and Maca

Enhances Libido - Saffron & Maca

Supports erection strength & frequency - Saffron &

Muscle & Physical Function - Magnesium & Ashwagandha

Immune Support - Vitamin C. Selenium, Vitamin D & B12

Hair & Skin Health - Copper & Biotin

Sports Performance - Taurine, Maca & Magnesium

Adaptogen / Stress / Resilience - Ashwagandha, Maca & Taurine maintains electrolyte balance

Anti ageing - Copper & Vitamin C

Our drink format means you absorb 3 x the amount of tablets and capsules making it the most powerful male supplement in market.

The Importance of Testosterone

Customer Reviews

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So far I feel much more energy and focus than I've felt for months and the only thing I've changed is taking this product.

Stevan K.
Order 12080

This is an amazing product.

Harrison B.
Order 12033

Great service and delivery. 3rd order from DNA.

Greg A.
Order 12056

Love this product felt results in a few days, more energy and after a few months my libido is through the roof, Thank you White Wolf

Ben E.
Order 12000

This is an excellent product for me


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Why choose DNA Products over another testosterone product?

We understand there are other "testosterone boosters" on the market that claim to help support healthy testosterone levels and we also know there are a lot of "snake oil" products out there and that is why DNA products are NOT a "testosterone booster" but a natural testosterone support supplement.

All DNA products are the only natural testosterone support supplement in a powder to liquid format which offers a 95% absorption rate of the 20 ingredients compared to only 30% absorption rate of pills and capsules which ALL OTHER testosterone products are. So DNA products not only have more ingredients and higher dosages, but have 3 times more the absorption rate making it unrivalled by any other product.

All DNA products were formulated by two Hormonal & TRT expert physicians and clinical nutritionists using clinical grade, natural ingredients and developed and manufactured in a FDA approved facility in the United Kingdom under stringent quality control measures to ensure all our products are to the highest possible standard.

DNA products are also the only natural testosterone products with over 100 European Food Safety Authority claims on each product so our clients can rest assured DNA products are as safe as they are effective.

How and when do I use DNA Products?

All DNA products are designed to support your natural testosterone production cycle which is on a 24 hour cycle and therefore needs to be taken daily.

For best results, take your DNA daily drink first thing in the morning when your Cortisol is at its highest.

Mix 2 teaspoons of DNA power powder into 150ml of cold water and stir.

Because of the high amount of ingredients and dosages, you might find a little residue at the bottom of the glass.

Simply add a little more water, stir and drink.

DNA products are designed to tackle the no1 cause of low testosterone which is micronutrient deficiencies and dependant on how severe your deficiencies are and how many vitamins and minerals you're deficient in, it can take between 2 weeks and 6 months to start feeling the effects of healthy natural testosterone levels although most clients report a significant increase in energy, mood and sleep quality after about 3 weeks of daily use.

It's important to note that low testosterone can't be fixed overnight and even TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) which is a pharmaceutical intervention and a synthetic hormone can take up to 6 months to be effective and why GP's will not prescribe it for any less than 6 months.

All DNA products have the highest safe dosages of ingredients to ensure you start feeling the benefits as soon as possible.

What's in DNA Products?

All DNA Products have a base formula of ingredients that are all scientifically proven to increase natural testosterone production.

As DNA products are age specific, although each has a base formula of ingredients, a comprehensive list of ingredients can be found on the individual product pages.

Are DNA Products safe?

The answer is a resounding "Hell YES".

DNA only uses the highest grade of natural ingredients and is completely safe with no side effects.

All DNA products are manufactured in an FDA approved facility right here in the United Kingdom under stringent health and safety compliance.

DNA products are the ONLY natural testosterone supplement to have over 100+ EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) claims on each product.

If you are unsure however, please consult your GP before starting any healthy regiment.

Who are DNA Products for?

Our natural testosterone production peaks at around 19 years of age, and then declines at approximately 1% - 2% every 10 years.

That is why DNA have developed the world's first, age specific liquid testosterone support supplement range as your testosterone needs at 25 are vastly different to that of when your 60 and DNA products take this change in needs into account and offering natural solutions with our age specific range.

Under no circumstances should anyone under the age of 25 be taking any sort of testosterone supplement and why DNA actively distance ourselves from other "testosterone boosters" who all try and push their products on men as young as 18 which is morally and ethically questionable.

If you are experiencing the following symptoms then DNA products are definitely a natural, safe option to address these symptoms:

  1. Low/No Energy.
  2. Always Tired / Fatigued.
  3. Low Mood / Mood Swings
  4. Unmotivated or lack of drive.
  5. Over emotional.
  6. Low / No libido - Lack of interest in sex.
  7. No drive to workout or do things you normally enjoy.

If so, you could be dealing with an imbalance of hormones which could result in lower testosterone levels and higher oestrogen levels.

DNA products are natural solutions that can be added to your daily routine with minimum fuss or effort and in doing so, increasing your natural testosterone levels which will make you feel like yourself again.

Do I need to cycle DNA Products?

The good news is NO!

Because DNA is made with all natural ingredients and unlike all other testosterone products that contain fillers, binders and caking agents to manufacture pills / capsules, there is nothing in DNA products that can mess with your physiology.

We recommend that you take your DNA products daily to support your natural 24 hour cycle testosterone production and to feel all the benefits of healthy testosterone levels.

Do I need a doctor's prescription for DNA Products?

No prescription is needed for any DNA products.

DNA products contain only natural ingredients and do not contain any synthetic hormones or medications and is therefore completely safe to take on a daily basis with no known side effects whatsoever.

How long will it take my DNA products to start working?

As every individual is different, results can vary vastly from person to person.

However, the majority of DNA MANIMALS (what we call our clients) start to notice positive effects including more energy, increased stamina, increased mental focus, increased muscle mass, improved libido and lifted mood in as little as 3 to 4 weeks when taken daily in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise.

It can however take up to 6 months to start noticing the effects of healthy testosterone levels depending on lifestyle factors and why we recommend a monthly subscription to ensure consistency and in doing so, giving your body the maximum potential to produce healthy levels of testosterone.

Can I take DNA Products with other medications?

The default answer is yes, but if you are on other medications, please consult your GP before taking DNA products.

All DNA products contain only natural ingredients with no contra-indications to any medications but we always recommend consulting your GP just to be safe.

Do I still need to take Multi-Vitamins if I am taking DNA Products?

The great news is no!As all DNA products double up as a multi-vitamin, you no longer have to try and swallow hand fulls of pills and capsules.

DNA products take care of all of this for you in one simple daily drink.

Why should I trust DNA when I have been stung by past "snake oil" products?

We do find it sad that we have to put this in our FAQ's but with all the BOGUS products out there we fully understand.

Did you know that AMAZON did an audit on their platform and found that 99% of testosterone products being sold on their platform either made false claims about their product, were made in unregulated facilities or simply didn't work.

That is why AMAZON banned all "testosterone boosters" from advertising their products on AMAZON.

DNA are one of the very few that are still permitted to advertise on AMAZON due to our stringent manufacturing process and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) compliance.

DNA is also the only natural testosterone supplement in the world that is sold by Boots, one of the UK's most trusted wellness retailer as we are the only one that passed their vigorous compliance procedures.

All DNA products are developed by Hormonal and TRT Specialist Physicians and Clinical Nutritionists.

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