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What is Testosterone – A comprehensive guide.

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in the body’s functioning and development. It is a steroid hormone that is primarily associated with male characteristics, but it also has important functions in females.

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What is couple pause?

What is Couple Pause: Navigating Midlife Hormone Disruption

Midlife is a period of significant hormonal changes for both men and women. Women experience menopause, while men go through andropause. These hormonal changes can disrupt the delicate balance in the body, leading to a range of symptoms that can affect physical and emotional well-being. This is increasingly being referred to as Couple Pause.

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Should I quit my low fat diet? That is the real question.

Should I quit my low fat diet?

In case you missed the headlines towards the end of 2023, Andropause – also known as male menopause or Manopause was front and centre as the phenomenon of low testosterone levels. It is impacting millions of men globally and has started to achieve the recognition it deserves. You can see how the NHS is discussing male menopause and taking it seriously.

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Bertie Stringer

Clinical Nutritionist

Here you will find all the latest news, studies and information about natural testosterone health.

This includes Testosterone Boosters, Testosterone Supplements, how to manage Andropause and much more…

All our blogs are written by clinical nutritionists, medical experts and physical performance specialists, all based on the latest research and information.

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