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The world's first natural testosterone support menopause product with a focus on boosting libido, confidence and overall well-being, combatting 16 of the 48 known menopause symptoms.


More Energy to do the
things you really enjoy.


Better Sleep
Less Night Sweats

Mental Focus

Improved cognitive function and less "mind fog"


More confidence
Increased Libido

Hormone Free, Natural Botanical Supplement

Natural Testosterone
Menopause Supplement

With testosterone being women’s most biologically active hormone in  its no surprise that when testosterone levels drop during menopause symptoms such as a loss of libido, anxiety, weight gain and broken sleep become a major issue. 

We developed Menoplay® to offer “hormone free” natural support to all women during this often challenging time.

Pouch of DNA’s Menoplay testosterone supplement with libido health support. World’s first natural testosterone menopause product for women.
Nicki Williams, Nutritionist, Hormone Expert and Published Author.

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been taking the MenoPlay that you sent me for a few weeks now and I am really impressed with the results (libido wise). I’d love to start recommending it to my clients and my audience”

Nicki Williams

Nutritionist, Hormone Expert and Published Author

Benefits of Daily Use

Consistency is key and Menoplay is designed to deliver maximum benefits when taken daily.


Increased testosterone means more energy throughout the day giving you time to do the things you enjoy most.


Due to the Magnesium, Zinc & B6, your sleep quality improves meaning less interrupted sleep and waking up feeling rested and with the addition of Ashwagandha to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress will compliment good quality sleep.

Mind Fog

Improved Cognitive Function including concentration, improved memory recall and mental stamina.


With the addition of Saffron, taking Menoplay daily will support intimacy health and an active libido.


With the addition of Ashwagandha, taking Menoplay daily supports decreased stress and anxiety levels.

Weight Loss

By balancing your hormones, your body is more able to manage your weight. Testosterone is associated with increased muscle and leaner body mass.

“I have only just started my menopause journey but I will be keeping Menoplay by my side. Thank you for making this amazing product.”

Victoria Barker

Professional Tennis Athlete

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