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Easy, affordable, proven natural testosterone supplements with everything your body needs. More energy, better sleep, improved mood and increased libido with no side effects.

Trust score 4.5 | 2,698 reviews

A World First

Supplement with Andropause

Full Men's Range

Age Specific, Liquid
Testosterone Supplements
with targeted support

Don't change your expectations - change your morning routine.

You could increase your testosterone levels and boost your man mojo with one easy, tasty daily drink from DNA. No more hand fulls of multi-vitamins pills and no more T-Boosters that don’t work.

Why Sheldon, our
Co-Founder is
Silverback's biggest fan.

Andropause stole my motivation, my energy and my libido and left me feeling empty and down.  After turning down Testosterone Replacement Therapy, we developed Silverback to help increase my testosterone naturally and regain my man mojo including having more energy, better sleep and more motivation than ever.

I take Silverback every day without fail to ensure I maintain my testosterone health and give my body all the nutrients it needs to support my 24 hour testosterone production cycle. 

If Silverback works for me it can definitely work for you.

Benefits of DNA

Comprehensive Nutrition

Up to 21 vitamins, minerals and botanicals your body needs for healthy testosterone production.


All your testosterone and multi-vitamin needs in one easy, daily drink and no more pills or tablets.


Great value! Subscribe, refer your friends, and save and no more expensive, ineffective supplments.

Side Effects

100% Natural ingredients with all the health & wellness benefits and no negative side effects.

Vegan /
Animal Friendly

All DNA products are vegan and contains no animal products whatsoever.

Easy /

One daily drink in the morning sets you up. It's easy, convenient and as little as £0.88 / day

Recommended by Doctors, Pharmacists & Nutritionists

Picture of Dr. Bernie Willis

Dr. Bernie Willis

I was so impressed with what DNA are doing that I wanted to get involved with their revolutionary natural testosterone supplements

Hormonal Specialist GP

Picture of Nyra Ahmed

Nyra Ahmed

DNA products are so effective in supporting natural hormonal health I highly recommend them to all my patience in my pharmacy

Leading UK Pharmacists

Picture of Bertie Stringer

Bertie Stringer

I saw men with similar symptoms to Sheldon coming into my Nutrition Clinic who wanted natural support, not TRT and why we set out to develop the world's first natural range.

Clinical Nutritionist

T-Boosters Don't Work
That's why we aren't one

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Review Rating

Trust Score 4.5 | 2,698 reviews

Picture of Terry C

Terry C

I must say I am very happy with your silverback really been great it’s taken time to kick in but now it has it’s an awesome product.
Well done to you guys and thank you for your continued support I like the fact that your always there for your customers that is important to me and will continue to use your products for the foreseeable future

Picture of Grant P

Grant P

Silverback has helped me. I didn't believe that a supplement could boost testosterone levels but my wife bought me Silverback and I was very wrong. I have more energy, don't get annoyed anymore by the little things and my relationship with my wife is back on track.

Picture of Luke W

Luke W

I love this stuff. It took a bit of getting used to the taste but the results I have noticed since taking White Wolf has been awesome. I have always struggled with sleeping. Not anymore. And my gym sessions and gains have accelerated massively.

Picture of George M

George M

I don't like leaving reviews. Or I never used to, but since taking Grey Fox, I have changed a lot of things. I am so relaxed, I sleep right through the night and I am much happier than I have been in a long time. The little things don't bother me anymore. I will always take Grey Fox.

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