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The Male Menopause

If you have been watching the media of late, you will undoubtably have seen the “buzz” around Andropause. But what is it and how do you know if you have it?

So what is it?

Andropause, also commonly referred to as the "Male Menopause" is a medically recognised condition of testosterone deficiency. Often referred to as "Age-Related Testosterone Decline", Andropause is when testosterone levels drop to a level when symptoms start to manifest, usually during middle age (40+).

Andropause Symptoms

Symptoms associated with Andropause can vary in their severity such as always feeling tired, having no energy, broken or poor sleep quality, low libido, aching joints and muscles, unwanted weight gain, feeling down or depressed, getting annoyed easily and not enjoying things like you used to..

Understanding Andropause

Men's testosterone production peaks at approximately age 19 and then starts to steadily decline with this decline accelerating after the age of 30.  Usually between the age of 40 and 50, testosterone levels drop to a point where symptoms of Andropause can start to manifest.


As men, we don’t like talking about the way we feel, especially when we don’t feel 100%. Even more so when it comes to talking about those things that make us men in the first place. That is why we created the MANIMALS.  A way of making it easier to talk about those things that are often sensitive to talk about by making it a little light-hearted with the MANIMALS.

Young man smiling next to White Wolf logo as a representative of the White Wolf demographic.



DNA’s White Wolf testosterone supplement with fertility support is proven to increase testosterone, maintaining healthy levels and preventing symptoms of low testosterone. 

Middle Aged Man drinking coffee in a kitchen next to the Silverback Logo as a representative of the Silverback demographic.



DNA’s Silverback testosterone supplement with Andropause support is the only natural testosterone supplement clinically proven to combat the symptoms of Andropause, commonly known as Male Menopause

Mature Gentlemen in smart suit next to Grey Fox Logo as a representative of the Grey Fox demographic



DNA’s Grey Fox testosterone supplement with prostate support is proven to increase testosterone naturally giving you more energy, better sleep, more reliable erections and improved cognitive function.

Client Testimonials

I love this stuff. It took a bit of getting used to the taste but the results I have noticed since taking White Wolf has been awesome. I have always struggled with sleeping. Not anymore. And my gym sessions and gains have accelerated massively.
Luke, a White Wolf Testosterone Supplement Client Review Picture.
Luke Wilson
White Wolf
Silverback has helped me. I didn't believe that a supplement could boost testosterone levels but my wife bought me Silverback and I was very wrong. I have more energy, don't get annoyed anymore by the little things and my relationship with my wife is back on track.
Grant Pearce Profile Picture
Grant Pearce
I don't like leaving reviews. Or I never used to, but since taking Grey Fox, I have changed a lot of things. I am so relaxed, I sleep right through the night and I am much happier than I have been in a long time. The little things don't bother me anymore. I will always take Grey Fox.
George, our Grey Fox Testosterone Supplement Review.
George Meyer
Grey Fox

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