What is CouplePause really?

Everyone has heard of Menopause and for most part, understand what this is and the challenges that come with it.

Not as well known is Andropause, the hormonal change men go through in their mid 40's when their testosterone levels drop and symptoms such as fatigue and low libido set in.

But what happens when both partners in a relationship experience Menopause and Andropause at the same time? This is CouplePause . Simply Put

Andropause + Menopause = CouplePause

How to navigate CouplePause

A Better Understanding

Understanding what is going on with your body in terms of hormones can be relief enough in itself.

Many women report feeling as if they are ‘losing their minds’, and men start to feel as if they are no longer "relevant" which can be scary.

The importance is to talk to your GP, friends and family as the more you understand about what is going on, the less scary it will feel.

Chances are, if you're experiencing these changes, your friends will be to so talk to them and build a support network.

It’s also important to speak to your GP to learn what the symptoms are and how Andropause/Menopause can impact your life – then relay this to your partner. He or she needs to understand it as well as you do and learning about it together sooner rather than later can help make you more aware as a couple, therefore minimising the negative effects on your relationship.

You can also find useful information here.



Communication is Key

Never a truer word was spoken then "a problem shared is a problem halved" as when it comes to the challenges that comes with Andropause and Menopause.

Communication is key in most situations but even more so when it comes to couplepause.

Talk to your partner about how you are feeling but also encourage them to talk about how they are feeling. More often than not, you'll find that you're both feeling the same way, finding the same things challenging and in doing so, will find comfort.

It's also to be understanding and sympathetic to what your partner is saying.

Remember that you're in this together so work the problem together and ultimately you will find workable solutions, together.

Just talk to one another and don't be embarrassed to say how you really feel.

Putting Happiness

During Andropause and Menopause both women and men are likely to experience a change in libido.

For a lot of men, the drop in libido is due to a lack of energy and fatigue rather than a lack of desire. So certain routines may need to be altered like being intimate in the morning, rather than at night.

With Menopause, the more intimate changes, such as vaginal dryness, means taking things slower and spending more time getting in the mood.

Most importantly, you must communicate. If you aren’t open with each other it can be difficult to trust each other with the intimate issues that might be troubling you.

Hear your partner out, reserve judgement and try to treat the changes you make to your sexual routine as fun rather than a chore. Remember, change is as good as a holiday.

Be Mindful

Be mindful and considerate to each other.

Remember, your partner could be feeling just as frustrated, insecure, anxious, ashamed or unsure.

Really make an effort to be more forgiving, patient and kind. If both of you do this along with talking to each other honestly and openly, the issues that would break most couples will be a mere speed bump in your relationship.

Kindness costs nothing but means everything.

Two to Tango

Changing bodies can cause both men and women to suffer a confidence blow at this stage in life, which can have a devastating impact on your relationship.

The middle-age spread is an unkind fact of life and both parties are likely to experience it.

But by working together, you can combat this weight change, confidence knock and tiredness more effectively.

Consider exercising together and making dietary changes as a team.

Making time to spend valuable time together and learning what problems the other is experiencing will reduce resentment, embarrassment and vulnerability. 

Who knows, your relationship might turn out even stronger than it was before!

Remember all the things that made you fall in love with your partner in the first place and focus on these.

Even encourage your partner to up the dial on these areas and be accommodating when they do the same and who knows, you might not just come out on top of CouplePause, but you might fall in love all over again.

Support Each Other & Your Hormones

We have highlighted the importance of communication, empathy and supporting each other.

In addition, remember to support your body through these changes ensuring you maximise on all the vitamins, minerals and botanicals your body needs to thrive during this life-stage.

For men, Silverback Testosterone Supplement with Andropause Support will give you all of these.

And for the ladies, there is MenoPlay Testosterone Supplement with Libido Support.

Support, Live, Love and grow together.

Need Advice?

Our team of nutritionists and medical experts are on hand to offer advice on Andropause, Menopause or CouplePause.

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