The more taboo , the more we talk about it.

A natural hormonal health company here to tackle taboos about testosterone deficiency, open up conversations about Andropause and low testosterone to help you start living the life you deserve.

Meet The Founders

DNA are a husband and wife team who, after their personal experience with both Andropause and Menopause, set out to offer a natural alternative to pharmaceutical hormonal solutions.

Bertie is a qualified clinical nutritionist, formulator, published author and the ex head of global communications at MTV.

Sheldon has over 2 decades of experience as a physical performance specialist and MMA Conditioning Coach. With a degree in sports nutrition and his extensive knowledge of Anabolic use in the industry, Sheldon is our in-house testosterone specialist.

Both Bertie and Sheldon have both had their own challenges with hormonal health and were both offered HRT & TRT but wanted a natural alternative and when it became apparent there wasn’t any, they set off to develop the world’s first range of natural testosterone supplements for both men and women.

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Being the best in the world is not easy as we know! As the leading natural testosterone brand, we empower millions of people every day to maximise their own natural testosterone health.


To champion natural testosterone health and enable people to maximise their daily potential in health, happiness, success and in doing so, living life their best life everyday.


Raising the standards of the natural testosterone supplement industry to offer modern solutions for common hormonal health issues that not only work, but work exceptionally well.

Our Journey


DNA is born

After being diagnosed with Low Testosterone and being advised to take TRT, Co-Founder Sheldon did not want to take synthetic hormones and when looking for a natural alternative, soon realised there wasn't one and so DNA was born.


A Revolutionary Range

The world's first natural range of age specific testosterone supplements and the world's only natural alternative to TRT including the world's first Andropause supplement.



MenoPlay is Launched

DNA launch their first female testosterone supplement and another world first as the first natural female testosterone supplement developed to support libido during menopause.

DNA's range of Natural Testosterone Supplements for Men


Reformulate to Innovate

To ensure DNA clients always get the best possible benefits and supplements available, we reformulated our existing range to make them taste better with more ingredients and more impressive results.


DNA hit retail.

DNA secure a listing in Boots, the UK's largest health and wellness retailer.


Upwards and Onwards

DNA Launch new website, launch in Boots in 43 stores and the DNA Academy goes live. DNA also start planning to launch in USA and Australia in 2025.


Meet the DNA Team

The Dynamic Team at DNA are all passionate about natural testosterone health.

Sheldon Stringer

Roberta Stringer

Dr. Bernard Willis

In the Press

Fabulous Magazine - The Sun

Man Sized Issues. Moobs, low libido and mood swings, is your man going through Manopause?

DNA's very own Founders, Sheldon & Bertie Stringer are featured in Fabulous Magazine talking about Couple Pause.

When both partners are going through Andropause and Menopause at the same time and how to deal with all the challenges.

Time Magazine


Time magazine highlighting the $2Billion testosterone industry

The Sun

Robbie Williams admits he has "Manopause"

More and more celebrities are speaking out about Andropause, also known as Male Menopause or "Manopause".

Robbie Williams is the latest celebrity to talk about his experiences with the Male Menopause.

Manchester Evening News

Shaun Ryder says 'male menopause' left him 'unable to speak' and 'miserable'

Happy Monday's Star admits that the male menopause left him unable to speak and miserable and also admits he understands how women feel.

Men's Health

NHS Trust to Give Men Suffering from 'Male Menopause' a Year of Paid Leave

Symptoms include anxiety, depression and weight gain.

CNN Health

Coping with 'male menopause': How lifestyle plays a role

Facing the reality of Male menopause, or andropause, isn't just a myth.

About 2 in 10 men over the age of 40 suffer from low testosterone levels, according to the American Urological Association.

This number increases to 4 in 10 men in their 70s and 80s.